The Albrighton


The new addition to SAC’s portfolio of river venues was leased in the 1960’s by the Chatwood Angling Club, then by Rolls-Royce A.C. until it was purchased by Albrighton Anglers. Unfortunately, it’s hardly been fished in recent years and as a consequence, it’s become very much neglected. The upstream limit is on the left-hand bank, where the Shrewsbury Town Fishery at Sydney Avenue ends – a concrete culvert marks the start. For access, the best place to park is on the road beside the hawthorn hedge that is situated at 90° to the river.

This part of the river is dead straight, it continues downstream for several hundred yards and terminates by the garden of the first bankside house where The Royce section starts. The initial part of the fishery is relatively shallow with banks of streamer weed, the river gradually gets a bit deeper as you go downstream – the riverbed is gravel for much of the venue’s length. A lot of work will be required to re-establish pegs – but it will be well worth the effort!