Preston Boats

The Shrewsbury Anglers’ Club water at Preston Boats, situated on the outskirts of the town is typical of the middle river and provides a range of swims for the discerning angler wishing to target these species. The upstream limit commences by a railway bridge where the river runs over bedrock – the swims here are fast and shallow, providing good sport in the summer months when the river is low. Further down, it’s steadier and deeper, before sweeping around a big right-hand bend and passing over boulder strewn steady glides. An island is situated at the downstream limit, the tail end of which can produce catches of good sized bream.

Most anglers fishing the Severn nowadays are targeting barbel and this venue will provide every chance of catching one over the magical 10lbs mark. As with all kinds of fishing, it pays to experiment with your approach. In low, clear water conditions, banded 6mm pellets can be a very successful method, with bigger, smelly baits coming into their own when the river is coloured and carrying extra water. Having said that, most well-known approaches will have their day and baits such as pellets, boilies, lobworms, cheese etc are all readily acceptable to the resident barbel. For those wishing to discriminate in favour of the really big girls, a quarter tin of Spam fished on a size two hook is a proven and tested method.