Monthly Archives: November 2020

Peterborough & District Share Scheme

One of the benefits of being a member of SAC is the share scheme we have with Peterborough & District Angling Association, one of the oldest and most respected clubs in the country.

P&DAA’s new website has just gone live, which gives details of the waters which you as an SAC member can fish at no extra cost.  In exchange, P&DAA members also have access to SAC fisheries.

2020 AGM

Due to the complications of Coronavirus, the 2020 AGM has been cancelled. As mentioned on the Facebook page, discusions on pertinent matters have taken place within that group. Whilst we appreciate everyone in the club is not on Facebook or in that group we have used it as a medium to ask those who can to vote on issues which need to be resolved prior to 2021.

Most importantly were the questions about the size of the club and the fees for 2021. Currently the club has 250 members. Last year the club chose to limit the membership to that number and once again the question of raising that limit was put to the club.  The commitee came up with various options, which included keeping the limit as it is, raising it, lifting it altogether along with possible changes to fees. After 2 rounds of voting to find the two most popular choices, it was decided by 74 votes to 16 to keep it set at 250, raise the 2021 fee by £5 to £35.

As many anglers are aware, we have a waiting list for membership. It was also decided by vote that all new members, regardless of where they live or how long they’ve been on the waiting list must be proposed by an existing member.

Membership renewal will open on the 1st of December 2020 and the club will take renewals from existing members until 1st February 2021. After that date any outstanding places will be allocated to new members on the waiting list and they will be asked to provide a proposer at that time.

Once again we are sorry that it has been difficult to discuss all these options with all members at a face to face AGM. The impact of Coronavirus has touched many aspects of life but we are very pleased that, during the current situation, fishing is still allowed and we can continue almost as normal on the banks.

Many thanks.

SAC Committee